Vol 2, No 1 (2014)

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Table of Contents


Hegel’s Semantics of Singular Cognitive Reference, Newton’s Methodological Rule 4 and Scientific Realism Today (*) PDF
Kenneth R Westphal 9-65
Consequence Arguments PDF
David Botting 67-76
The Concept of Involvement and the Paradox of Fiction PDF
Paolo Spinicci 77-94


Epistemic Feelings, Epistemic Emotions: Review and Introduction to the Focus Section PDF
Kourken Michaelian, Santiago Arango-Muñoz 97-122
Feelings of (Un)Certainty and Margins for Error PDF
Jérôme Dokic 123-144
Metacognitive Feelings, Self-Ascriptions and Mental Actions PDF
Santiago Arango-Muñoz 145-162
Shared Knowledge from Individual Vice: the Role of Unworthy Epistemic Emotions PDF
Adam Morton 163-172
Epistemic Emotions: a Natural Kind? PDF
Anne Meylan 173-190

Past Present

National Philosophy and Human Genius An Introduction to Bergson’s Essay on French Philosophy PDF
Caterina Zanfi 193-198
French Philosophy PDF
Henri Bergson 199-214


Wittgenstein and Aesthetics. Perspectives and Debates, Alessandro Arbo, Michel Le Du, Sabine Plaud eds. Ontos Verlag, Heusentstamm, 2012 PDF
Stefano Oliva R1-R5

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