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Robotics and the quality of life: the case of robotics assisted surgery

Raffaela Giovagnoli, Antonio Crucitti, Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic


Robotics is one of the most developing technological field that combines many scientific disciplines and has important social, ethical and economical effects. The philosophical debate on Artificial Intelligence is part of the classical branch of the philosophy of mind and developed interesting results crossing several disciplines (such as psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, neurobiology etc.). Many interesting views moved mostly from Turing challenges about human and machine intelligence. After a general presentation of new trends in the ambit of AI, which try to intend computing as natural and embodied, we present the case of robotics assisted surgery as a very important example of a
practice which requires also practical considerations.


Turing machine; natural computing; robotics; roboethics, robotic assisted surgery.

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