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Reconstructing Late Analytic Philosophy. A Quantitative Approach

Eugenio Petrovich, Valerio Buonomo


This paper aims to present a quantitative approach to history of late analytic philosophy. In the first section, we focus on methodological issues of our approach. We discuss the relation between history of philosophy and metaphilosophy, distinguish between qualitative and quantitative history of philosophy, and present the theoretical framework we choose for quantitative study of late analytic philosophy, namely scientometrics and citation analysis. In the second section, we discuss the results of our method. We present a list of high-impact authors in late analytic philosophy, and we analyze the evolution of the field in the light of citational networks (science maps) generated with VOSviewer. Finally, we propose several lines for further research.


Quantitative history of philosophy; Late analytic philosophy; Scientometrics

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