Vol 4, No 2 (2016)

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Table of Contents


Hume’s “law” and the ideal of value‑free science PDF
Pierluigi Barrotta 9-28
Co-location and separability PDF
John Biro 29-36
Free Will Is Compatible With Randomness PDF
Cristian Calude, Frederick Kroon, Nemanja Poznanovic 37-52
Logic of belief: an Ockhamian point of view PDF
Roberto Limonta, Riccardo Fedriga 53-68
Aesthetic Representation of Purposiveness and the Concept of Beauty in Kant’s Aesthetics The Solution of the ‘Everything is Beautiful’ Problem PDF
Mojca Kuplen 69-88
The Philosophical Pre-History of the Duplex Mind PDF
Paul Raekstad 89-104
On understanding love PDF
Alexander Scavone 105-122

Past Present

On the reality of accidental properties [1688] + Introduction PDF
Massimo Mugnai, G.W. Leibniz 125-130


Review of The Wandering Mind PDF
Alessandra Aloisi R1-R5
Review of Dialettica hegeliana ed epistemologia analitica PDF
Miriam Aiello R7-R9

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